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Annual Meeting 2010

2010-2011 Executive Members

Back row left to right: Peter Aalbers, Robert LaFluer, Ray Pender, Francis Dodds, Godfrey Tyler
Sitting: Ingrid Thompson, Chair, Gord Mitchell, Dad-Secretary-Treasurer

Marketing Presentation

Teresa Batchelor, speaker Jigsaw Marketing

Godfrey Tyler, Haliburton and Paul Stiles, OCA

Ontario Veterinary Technicians representatives Rory Demitroff and Laura Sutton

Tour for AGM, November 11th, 6pm - David & Jackie Emery, Dairy Goat Farm tour.




North Eastern Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association

President –Janet Parsons           Secretary Treasurer – Morley Shepherdson          RCC – Graham Gambles

North Eastern Ontario Agricultural Research Committee

Chair – Mack Emiry                                   Secretary – Jennifer Hargreaves Ph.D.


November, 2010

Dear North-Eastern Ontario Farm Organization,

Agricultural researchers, farmers, funding agencies, and advisors met at the North-Eastern Ontario Agricultural Research forum in March to network and explore the opportunities in agricultural research in North- Eastern Ontario.

At the end of the day, the top two priorities in the ‘Project Development’ aspect of the recommendations were:

Action item: Contact all North-Eastern Ontario farm groups and ask for their ‘research wish list’.

What we need you to do is assist your organization in preparing a research list...your wish list... and send it by email or snail mail to Mack Emiry at or 106 Woolsey Rd, R.R.#2, Massey, ON P0P 1P0.

                   These lists will be made available to researchers in NEOARC for possible projects.

Let’s get started....

All agricultural research has the ultimate aim of improving the industry surrounding the food that we eat. There are many facets involved; from production to processing, from marketing to retailing, from environmental concerns to food safety, and rural communities to land use policies.

In preparing your groups wish list....consider these 7 themes:

Please record your ideas on the back of this page.

It’s your wish list so include whatever is important to you. Just maybe a researcher somewhere in North-Eastern Ontario will see your idea and make it a full fledged research project.


Mack Emiry, NEOARC Chair

Growing Forward Business Development for Farm Businesses Cost- Share Opportunities for Training

The Agricultural Skills Development (ASD) component provides cost-share funding to producers for farm related courses and training opportunities (for tuition, textbooks and travel).* OMAFRA maintains a listing of courses, conferences and training events that are eligible under ASD (and a number of OMAFRA events are already on the list). The list of eligible courses can be found on the OMAFRA website at

It is easy to apply to have a training opportunity considered for this list. If you or someone you know has a training opportunity that you think may be eligible, please review or forward the attached email with further information and/or follow the link to the online application form to have the training assessed for eligibility at

*Note: To be eligible - the training must meet specific criteria including having the potential to enhance the viability of the farm operation. Eligible producers must attend a Growing Your Farm Profits Workshop and develop an Action Plan before they can access cost share funding.

FarmOn Survey

As a mean to better serve new and transitioning farmers of the province FarmON developed a survey. Its purpose is to identify needs for agricultural training and educational resources in Ontario. Results will be summarized on the FarmLINK Ontario website (, and available on request from FarmStart (

Thank you for taking approximately 10 minutes to assist with this effort.

English survey:

French survey:

More information can be forwarded to Dave Banbury at:

Business Development for Farm Businesses: A customized program just for you

What makes a program successful? In the context of the Business Development for Farm Businesses program, it's one that helps each producer meet his individual farm business goals. The recently launched Business Development for Farm Businesses program incorporates self-assessment and action plan development with a range of cost-share advisory services and skills development opportunities.

Growing Your Farm Profits workshops are the entry point to the Business Development for Farm Business program. Set in a relaxed atmosphere where personal and financial details are not required to be shared, the workshop teaches you how to do a self-assessment of your business. Identifying your business strengths and planning needs will allow you to take the next steps: developing an Action Plan and receiving sign-off from your GYFP workshop leader. Each farm business is unique and once you set your goals in your Action Plan and receive sign-off, you can decide what cost-share opportunity is right for you. For more details on the cost-share opportunities visit: .

If you are interested in a Growing Your Farm Profits workshop, please contact Claire Venne at 705-594-9194 or Workshops will be scheduled based on demand.

Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Mentoring: Step Up Program - Make a difference in a young farmer's life

STEP UP is an on-farm paid work placement that matches experienced farm managers with young people just starting their farming careers. Mentoring is a great way to help the next generation of farmers. Benefit from the enthusiasm and curiosity of a young person eager to learn, while helping them to develop skills in making strategic management decisions. For more information visit:

Agriwebinar (tm) Canadian Farm Business Management Council

Ontario Forage Crop Variety Performance 2010

The PDF version of the Brochure can be viewed and downloaded at

2010 Performance Trials for Spring Cereal Crops

Fruit Trees Winter Hardiness Starts Long Before The Snow Flies

Christoph Kessel, Horticulture Crop Nutrition- OMAFRA.

For fruit trees, winter hardiness is the ability to avoid cold injury in fall, winter and early spring. A tree develops its winter hardiness gradually during the shorter days and cooler temperatures of late summer and fall. Cold temperature damage can occur in late fall or early winter when hardening off is delayed. A fruit tree's winter hardiness is built on many interconnected factors: its nutrition, orchard management, cultivar, rootstock and weather.

1. Maintain adequate supplies of essential crop nutrients.

2. Adjust nitrogen fertilizers according to orchard management practices.

FarmLINK's MatchMaker

This tool brings together new farmers who are looking for land or mentorship with farm owners who have land available or expertise to share.


FarmStart: Exploring Your New Farm Dream

The FarmStart mission is to facilitate, support and encourage a new generation of farmers to develop economically viable, locally based, and ecological agricultural enterprises. For more information and to apply visit:

If you have questions contact Gayl at or (519) 836-7046 x105

Annual General Meeting 2009

Location: Inn on the Bay
North Bay, ON
November 12th & 13th, 2009


Speaker: Bob Gordanier
Ontario Cattleman's Association
Member and fellow Producer from Orangeville.
Tagging and Stock Identification was the topic.


Speaker: Dora Pender
Farm Safety Association Advisor